Val’s Work

My passions as always are colour, light, composition, threads, my sewing machine and drawing with pastels water colours, dyes and paints. A small sketchbook is always in my bag with water colours and pencils.  My subjects are the landscape and architecture of France, the ‘motif’ exists to explore the juxtaposition of colour, the effect of light and of composition. These are questions that require a response informed by thought and experience. The techniques used also require experience and control.

My embroideries are inspired by colour drawings done ‘in the field’, and they retain the sensation and meaning of the moment. The embroidery is worked on  fabrics painted with dyes , painted lutradur and other surfaces. These are slowly leading towards an abstraction of the esential elements.

Recent work centres en feminité and our relation to it….

Working with papers, silk fibres and transparent medium have been a concern for the last five years, producing hangings, installations and sculptures of a more conceptual nature. Here the use of stitch is for a purpose, which may be decorative, but is more usually structural. For work of this type have a look in Silk and Lace.

In 2005 I started experimenting with collagraphy using Claude’s printing presses to create prints from composed and embroidered plates.

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