Sea themes Workbook

  • Sea Themes Workbook
    Dates: 27th August – 2rd September 2016
    Working with transparency on a  Sea theme
    The course starts with a day on the Ile de ré exploring this wonderful seaside venue.
    Various materials are useful for working with transparency some are quite obvious, others less so. This course looks at materials that you may or may not be used to with the intention of exploiting transparency, and with it, absence and presence of materiel.Almost any subject can be used for the exploitation of transparency in textile art, but this year’s course will take the local seaside as the starting point for inspiration. Coastal plant life, the forms of pebbles or sea shells left on the beach, the sea foam or waves, could all offer substantial inspiration for working with transparency. Encouraging you to work from this superb base of inspirationThe course deals with:

    • Exploiting synthetic fabrics, layering and burning.
    • paper and hand-made paper – using transparency and creating lacy effects
    • fine work with silk fibres,
    • Appropriate methods of embroidering the different surfaces, including use of soluble fabrics, are also covered.
    Suitability: Intermediate and Advanced
    • 920 Full board own room
    • 870€ Sharing
    • 395€ Non-embroiderer sharing
    • Self-catering on applicationSea
    • Dates: 6th – 12th September 2015Special Ile de Ré

      The first day is spent visiting the seascapes and ports and salt marshes of this enigmatic Island just off our coast , to find inspiration through visual note making and photography. Once back in the studio we discuss what may have become important to you and use any and every technique to try to express this. Sampling in response to the visual inspiration to work towards concrete ways of expressing he visual reality, or something more abstract or conceptual.

      The use of the workbook and a variety of techniques will help as you progress towards a personal expression. At the end of the course you may have one finished piece or you may have a workbook full of ideas and techniques that will keep you going for the following year!

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