Gallery of work

Val is currently working on several themes at the moment which can be broadly described as

Sea themes

Work using mixed media, but also digital print and embroidery

Heritage Impressions

Work based mainly on digital printing, but also some collagraph work. This exhibition was shown in Nantes, London, Dublin and Harrogate in 2019

Women and Flowers was a theme used for the exhibition at The Carrefour European de Patchwork in 2017 where she was asked to fill the Chapel de St Joseph with al new work!


Flower Collection which are heading slowly towards an abstract realism.


Landscapes which are heading slowly towards an abstract realism.

Silk and Lace which includes framed wall pieces, hangings, installations and sculptures.

Collagraphy which is defined as a method of printing from a plate made from additioning pieces through glueing. But Val uses embroidery on her plates before printing, and often after printing too.

Lithography: printing from a stone with an old press dating from 1850. Work which often has other additions, such as collagraphy, acrylic paint, stitch or may be printed on previously dyed fabric

London exhibition

Exhibition as invited artist at the Knitting and Stitching show in Alexandra Palace in London 2012



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